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About us


With over twenty years experience in the field of carpentry, in 2009 he joined the Group Fregnan enriching this great family, a leader for over a century in the field of mechanics.

Mechanical BP known in the field of light and heavy carpentry, accomplishes its evolution and is now able to support you in cutting, assembly and machining machine tools including large formats.

The quality of our work through:

- Development of products that comply with the requirements agreed contractual and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
- Respect of deadlines
- Technological innovation in the media and products
- Full cooperation between customer and organization in responding to the requirements expressed in the contractual commitments, in
   will suggested, in order to improve quality and service.


Electronic management of the production:

- Management Software with Touch Screen Technology
- Tests performed in real time
- Production monitoring
- Monitoring progress of work
- Product traceability 100%
- Print cover-page





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